DestinAlp was founded by Eugenio Totaro in 1994 with Andrew Done joining the company as a partner in 1996.

Andrew and Eugenio have between them over 50 years experience of destination management.

In our history, our enthusiastic and professional approach has resulted in international awards and we have developed a client service ethic second to none.


What we do

We provide the highest quality service, the widest possible choice at the most competitive cost.
We offer a fully comprehensive, descriptive and creative response to your brief within 24 hours.
We guarantee each project is managed by a company principal, both pre-event and on-site. Our experience and careful analysis leads to the most creative response.
We commit to deliver the exact service agreed with our clients – on time, every time.
Our streamlined infrastructure and long-established supplier relationships ensure our clients profit from the keenest rates.
Our quotations and invoices are always in the currency of the destination.
We offer a round-the-clock service which means you can contact us anytime, anywhere.
Constant research is undertaken to ensure we take full advantage of new opportunities throughout our region.

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What we offer


We offer everything from city hotels to country retreats, unusual restaurants and classical villas to exclusive palaces and castles, all carefully researched to ensure the finest quality and provide the perfect solution to your brief.


Every programme is tailor-made to be imaginative, flexible and to reflect the best that destinations have to offer. We do not have set programmes and pride ourselves on custom-designing the most creative and unique event for our clients.


The dynamic scope of our operation means that we will not be bound by a conventional approach and offer services as specialised or inventive as our clients demand at a cost that meets their budget.


Our comprehensive database of carefully selected suppliers offers you not only the highest quality and reliability, but above all peace of mind.


We are lucky in the fact that Switzerland, Italy and France are safe destinations and that all services are highly regulated. In addition DestinAlp carry out risk assessment procedures on any services that may involve more than a low risk rating.
We have a health and safety manual that is continually updated and used by office and operational staff.
We have public liability insurances and to date have an unblemished track record.


Switzerland and the alpine region are amongst the most environmentally friendly areas in the world. Public spending is at its highest in order to protect and regulate use of land and space. A good example is that use of quads, snow mobiles, heli-skiing is strictly regulated if not forbidden in the Alps.
DestinAlp is conscious that the impact of our industry can be detrimental to the environment and thus will always strive to create events that have a minimal effect on nature and need to be as sustainable as possible.
As part of our actions is the cooperation with various organisation who’s aim is not only to promote new energy production with low carbon emission (Sun & wind generated) but also to clean up lakes, restore public beaches, use hybrid cars, etc..

Furthermore we have introduced a company policy for recycling and energy saving.